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Yoga Classes for Bone Health

Yoga has been proven to improve osteoporosis, a disease of weak and thinning bones that make fractures more likely. Yoga is both an isometric and a weight bearing exercise, two important components in improving bone strength.

This 4-week series at The Yoga Haven in Galveston trains students in specific yoga postures that serve to increase bone density in the spine, legs and hips when practiced regularly. The series was developed by Dr. Loren M. Fishman at Columbia University as a pilot study. The results pointed to improved posture and balance, as well as a decrease in falls and fractures. When practiced correctly, the series can be done in 12 minutes and can become the basis of a daily practice for bone health. Students receive training in the series and an outline of the postures and their benefi ts for reference.

Location: 2507 Market St., Galveston. For more information, visit or call 409-770-9995. See ad on page 19 in our online issue.

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