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Optimize Body Mind Spirit Connection Series

When body, mind, and spirit are working together optimally, the important areas of life are more enjoyable and fl ow with much more ease. This six week series will explore many unique ways to enhance that connection and transform stumbling blocks in to stepping stones.

Each week participants will be introduced to and practice an energetic process such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), applied kinesiology, group drumming, and much more, that will provide highly effective tools for an improved life experience.

This series will provide breakthroughs in the areas of weight and body image fi nancial prosperity loving relationships life purpose.

The workshop begins Thursday March 16 and meets each Thursday through April 20 from 7:00-8:30 PM in the lounge at the Brookdale Senior Living Center, 780 W. Bay Area Blvd, Webster.

The investment is only $99 (in advance) for the series, or $20 per session.

For details and registration, visit, call Sara Blumenfeld at 512- 659-6694 or email See CRG on page 21 in our online issue.

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