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March 2017 Letter from the Publisher

So I receive a daily email from a great online source called Simple Reminders. They sent the quote I just loved recently: “Turn your wounds into wisdom.” – Oprah Winfrey

I just loved this and wanted to share it with you. To me, it hits a really high note. People don’t often realized or recognize that as we progress through life, life happens! And often it can be quite unexpected. Circumstances and people can wound us either intentionally or unintentionally, but we are wounded all the same. Luckily our bodies are quite resilient when we work with them (through healthy eating, exercise and emotional positivity), so physically we can often heal quickly from wounds inflicted on our playground of life. But sometimes those emotional wounds can hurt far deeper and be much more challenging to heal. We don’t have as much ‘medicine’ for those that may be bought at the local drugstore, or ‘natural remedies’ we pick up at our local health food store. This is why I enjoyed this meme so much. Take those more deep wounds, and learn all you can from them, and don’t do it again – to the best of your ability! I have learned a LOT in recent years in working with this business, working with different people, with friends and family. So these few words provided me a little validation that maybe, I am on the right path taking the pains of recent years and various scenarios into learning, that will ensure my future is better than my past has been. Our New Year continues expanding, and with this March issue and the corresponding spring equinox (which is also Persian New Year) and Easter, I say again, Happy New Year!

Sending Spring Blessings!

Roxanne, Smokey & Bandit

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