Southeast Texas Edition

Sixteen Hearts

Carla Bank

Vibrant colors and happy themes enliven the whimsical pop art of Carla Bank, who began drawing with crayons as a little girl and never looked back. “Painting has always been my passion. I became fascinated with art after visiting the Frida Kahlo Museum in my hometown of Mexico City when I was 6 years old,” she says.

Bank’s weekend outings and school fi eld trips introduced her to Mexico’s many art museums and famous murals. After she completed graphic design courses in Guadalajara, her art professor selected her to paint murals in establishments around the city.

Today, Bank and her family live in Chicago, where the artist works from her home studio. Favorite subjects—cheerful hearts, fl owers, candy and pop art signs—light up her acrylic canvases in a riot of radiant hues. “I love to paint with bright colors because it makes everybody happy,” she enthuses. “I just want people not to think for a minute and enjoy the ride.”

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