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Hypnosis Helps with Grieving

Grieving can occur for many reasons, from a loved one passing on, to a terminal disease diagnosis, to the loss of a job or relationship. Often it is hard to know where to turn or how to deal with the many aspects of grief. Hypnosis can help. In addition, as part of a conscious dying experience, hypnosis can be used near the end of life to help the person prepare to cross over in a place of serenity.

Hypnosis is the art and science of suggestion. Hypnosis for grieving can help with letting go, forgiving, acceptance, and being present in the now. Certifi ed hypnotist Rose Klein says, “We teach the skills necessary to focus on what can be, which is all that can be changed, rather than focusing on the past, which cannot be changed.”

Southeast Hypnosis in Friendswood provides hypnosis for a wide variety of issues, including weight loss, stress relief, pain management, smoking cessation, and anger management.

To fi nd out if you are a candidate for hypnosis, visit and click on Start Here or call 281-996-8000 for a free consultation. See ad on page 2 in our online issue.

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