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Febuary 2017 Letter from the Publisher

Welcome back! How are you doing on your resolutions this year? Are you moving forward, slowly but surely? Or have you already stopped. I am here to remind you that just because you may not have stuck to them, don’t fret, its ok! Even I didn’t go to the gym the first 10 days of the year, but I got back on it, and in a manageable way so I can stick with it. Start again today, a ‘set-back’ is just a ‘set-up’ from the Universe. Get back onto a NEW resolution today, and make it fun with the positive results you are looking for! Send me an email and let me know what temporary setback you experienced so far this year, and what you did to overcome it!

Speaking about starting again, don’t you think it’s interesting in the month of love, we have a feature article about transitioning out of this life into the next? It is important to realize, no matter how well we all take care of ourselves, eventually our body will fade and our spirit will move on. Be sure to think about those you may leave behind, and ensure you can give all you can so that they may flourish as they enjoy the life they have left to live. We must all find a way to enjoy this life regardless of what is occurring in our worlds. The better we are, the more energy we have, the more we can give and contribute to improve this world and make it a better place for all living creatures. Life is meant to be good, so let’s make it great for everyone, including ourselves!

Love yourself and find someone to love!

Roxanne, Smokey & Bandit

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