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Conscious Living

The best way to ensure conscious dying is by practicing conscious living. Because none of us know when we will exit this life experience, being present in the moment, doing what we enjoy, and conveying love to those important to us should be a daily priority.

Here are 10 ways to practice conscious living daily.

1. Establish rituals that bring your attention to the present moment and connect you with your spirit and with Source Energy.

2. Create a list of the feelings you want to predominantly experience, such as love, joy, wonder, satisfaction, freedom, fulfillment, contentment. Become consciously aware of things in your life that bring these feelings, and then do more of those things

3. Find or create reasons to laugh every day.

4. Regenerate the temple that is your body through healthy eating, yoga, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic care, etc..

5. Deliberately perform at least one act of kindness per day.

6. Forgive yourself, forgive your past, forgive others. Better yet, give up judging people or circumstances as wrong in the first place.

7. Focus on what you desire, rather than on what you think is missing, and focus on feelings more than on things. Where your attention goes, energy flows and circumstances are created that carry the energy of what you are focusing on.

8. Make a list, often called a bucket list, of everything you would love to do with noregard to the limiting circumstances you think prevent you from doing them. We are here to expand the universe by living life to the fullest. Do it now!

9. Tell your family members, especially the ones you live with, how much you love them daily. Give attention only to the behaviors that you find pleasing and speak your appreciation often.

10. Love yourself. Look for only the good in yourself and acknowledge with appreciation just how amazing you are.

You chose this life at this time in this place. Your purpose here is to create, and by practicing conscious living, you create that which blesses both you and others.

Sara Blumenfeld is a spiritual coach, certified Infinite Possibilities trainer, and HealthRHYTHMS drum circle facilitator in the Clear Lake area. Connect at or See ad on page 13 in our online issue.

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