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April 2017 Letter from the Publisher

This edition of Natural Awakenings celebrates our two year anniversary this month. So Happy Birthday to us! It has been quite a learning experience with many starts and stops, but most importantly, restarts and constant improvement and growth. The team has grown into a great group of ladies and gentlemen who give their heart and soul every month to ensure our readers and sponsors have the best information and local resources made available to them. We are improving our processes so we can not only continue to bring you a growing monthly magazine with great information and sources, but also expand our coverage areas. And we do see that our community is growing every month, and we are working feverishly to keep up!

Collectively, the nationwide natural healthy living community comprises a gathering movement embodying ways of living that are healthy for people and the planet. Sharing ideas provides us all a rich, inspiring perspective on creative solutions and collaborative initiatives that are helping people around the country. Make no mistake. We are reaching a critical mass already sparking mainstream change.

Infinite thanks go to our business partners, distributors and contributors for your loyal support that makes publishing this free monthly magazine possible; special thanks are due our first year sponsors that shared our vision from the start . Please thank them all by shopping at their stores, patronizing their services and attending their events.

Thank you, especially, dear reader, for picking up Natural Awakenings each month and joining nearly 4 million kindred spirits in our collective journey of relishing an awakened life and creating the kind world we know is possible. As George Bernard Shaw observed, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

With deep gratitude,

Roxanne, Bandit & Smokey

Lexi, Pat, Sara, Ron, Courtney, Wendy, Patrick, Todd, JP, Heidi and our National Support Team

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